Conor Kelley

Conor Kelley

In constant pursuit of perfecting the property management experience, Conor operates beyond industry expectations. There’s a sense of competitiveness that propels him to be his best professional self, and it pays off in the way he meets your investment with impeccable service. Streamlining processes for both side of the lease, he’s Jerome’s right-hand and always keeps his phone in the other. Equipped to respond to enquiries before they evolve into scenarios, it’s his timely reaction that doesn’t just tell you about Conor’s respectful nature but shows it. Calm and composed, he thinks before he acts, then does it in your best interest—and that’s exactly what keeps his day-to-day interesting.

Conor knows no two clients are the same – he enjoys tailoring his approach to working with each of them to achieve their investment portfolio goals. Outside of real estate, Conor enjoys spending time with his family and friends as well as playing sports for his local team.



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